The Best Beauty Blogs You Should Be Reading!

The Best Beauty Blogs You Should Be Reading!

We would be lost without beauty bloggers. There is almost nothing better than checking out what our favorite influencers are posting. The best beauty blogs help us make the best of our lives and enhance our beauty from the beauty products news, makeup tutorials, and skincare. They inform us on what to buy, what to avoid, and sometimes where to buy them from. 

At AlphaBelleHealth, we specialize in skincare and beauty products. So we know all there is to know about the best beauty blogs and influencers who know what's what when it comes to beauty products and skincare, and we thought we should let you know which ones we think you should be reading. 

Now, these influencers are what you might call pillars of the beauty community and have been for a while, and relying on their expert knowledge is simply unrivaled. So without further ado, let's check them out!

The Anna Edit

Based out of Brighton, Anna Gardner runs one of the best beauty blogs you will find on the internet. She is a skincare expert, and her tips for glowy skin are world-renowned. In addition, she is a very organized woman who loves to share all her secrets on her website. We recommend constantly checking out her super-helpful morning productivity posts and YouTube channel. You can find her at @theannaedit and

Katie Jane Hughes

There are so many things to love when it comes to Katie Jane Hughes's approach to beauty. From having gorgeous eye makeup tutorials to a blow-by-blow account of getting microblading on her Insta Stories. There is very little that you won't love when it comes to her beauty content. You can follow her at @katiejanehughes and

A Style Album

Em and Lou from A Style Album are considered experts when it comes to creating the perfect beauty wardrobe. They can help you find all the right things, whether it's a great-smelling candle or your perfect signature lippie. You can follow them at @astylealbum and

Tia Ward

Tia Ward has one of the best beauty blogs and one of the best "slice of life" blogs you can find on the internet. You can follow her on @misstpw,, and tiawardTV.

Patricia Bright

If you are looking for super-glam beauty looks, then you can't do better than Patricia Bright. You can watch her on YouTube, but we recommend checking her detailed posts on how to get dolled up, complete with lists and ratings of the products she uses. You can follow her at @thepatriciabright and

Shirley's Wardrobe

Shirley is a London-based content creator who is all about fashion and has incredible beauty tricks and tips. You will find all you need on her beauty blog, from wedding-guest beauty ideas to the ideal nude face. You can follow her at @shirleybeniang and

Zoe London

Zoe London has fantastic hair color ideas, and she changes her hair color with bold and bright hues. So now, if you are worried about dye affecting your hair, then don't worry. She even has tips for that. You can follow her at @zoelondondj and ZoeLondon YouTube.

Beauty Is Boring

Even though this blog is called boring, the content here is anything but. You will find bold, bright, and breathtaking images from this contemporary site. If you are bored of your old makeup styles, this is the best beauty blog for you as it has content that is guaranteed to inspire you. You can follow them at @beautyisboring and

Sali Hughes Beauty

If you're talking about beauty, then you cannot ignore Sally Hughes. Along with that, she is also the resident beauty columnist for The Guardian and a published author of one of the best books on beauty we've ever read. Sali Hughes Beauty is one of the best beauty blogs on the internet, filled with tutorials, product reviews, and chats videos in her bathroom with fellow beauty people. All the reviews there are honest and upfront, everything you need from a beauty blog. You can follow her on Twitter at @SaliHughes, Instagram: @SaliHughes, and

The Beauty of It Is

beauty items online - Alphabellahealth

If you care about the environment and avoid toxic beauty products, you will love The Beauty of It Is. Katey Denno is your guide in the pursuit of finding the best beauty products. Her Insta feed is full of reviews of the best "green" beauty products, which is all on top of being a great makeup artist.

Wendy Rowe

One of the biggest reasons to follow Wendy Rowe's beauty blog is her track record of creating incredible looks for the likes of Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham. Add to that the fact that she is the creative director of Max Factor. We think you should follow her because she will teach you how to get high fashion into your home. You can follow her @wendyrowe, @wendyrowemakeup, and

I Covet Thee

I Covet Thee is one of the best bloggers on the list and is a fellow makeup addict. You will find a wide array of pretty covetable products on her Instagram account. On her YouTube Channel, you will also find plenty of tutorials. You can follow her on @icovetthee and YouTube: @icovetthee.


The sisters Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste are what you can consider veterans of the beauty world. They launched their channel over a decade ago and have reached 2 million subscribers. Their tutorials are always helpful and quite fun. Contents range from Gwen Stefani to Halloween costumes and more basic how-tos such as light contouring. You can follow them on YouTube, Twitter: @NixiePixi and @Pixiwoos, and

A Model Recommends

Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends has won us over with her down-to-earth approach to skincare and makeup. This international model is the person you want to follow for skincare advice that works. If you want to know why you should follow her, check her comments. You will find all you need to know about her work in the comments. Just check a few comments from her blog posts. You can follow her on YouTube: @amodelrecommends, Instagram: @ruthcrilly, Twitter: @ModelRecommends, and

Estée Lalonde

Estee Lalonde, previously known as Essie Button, has been running her beauty and lifestyle blog for some time now, and you will find plenty of helpful beauty video tutorials on her YouTube channel. She loves sharing her life on Instagram, where you will also find her current favorite beauty buys. Also, the gorgeous aesthetic on her blog is simply sublime. You can floor her on YouTube: @essiebutton, Instagram: @esteelalonde, and

Finding The Must-Have Beauty Items Online

So there you go; those are the best beauty blogs we believe you should follow. These content creators are the best beauty blogs that will help you out the most. Now, they are not the only ones out there. There are thousands of brilliant creators in the beauty industry that you should follow, so if you know someone you love, let us know in the comments below. Now, if you are looking to get some beauty products news, then you can check out AlphaBelle's blog as well. 

If you have any questions regarding beauty items online and which products can help you out, drop them in the comments or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them all for you. And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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