Top Beauty Industry Trends That Are Going Big For 2021

Top Beauty Industry Trends That Are Going Big For 2021

“Self care is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.”

- Anonymous

I would like to agree with this quote. The beauty standards and trends have risen to such heights because people are turning to self-care more, which is always a great thing. Do you know the global beauty industry has a value worth $532 billion at present? Sure, there will be ups and downs to the beauty business like any other business, but that won’t discourage the beauty industry from coming up with new trends.

If you follow platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, and even Youtube, you will see how beauty (skincare, makeup, and hair care) trends change every year. Some new trends found their spots (glass skin inspired by K-beauty), and some old trends have been reintroduced (think of glossy lips trend). Beauty care items are always on-trend, and while trends come and go, these trends are probably going to last for the longest time.

Here are some statistics related to beauty trends:

  • The K-beauty market is expected to show more growth, reaching 11.3% by 2026, according to experts.
  • The organic and natural beauty product market is likely to rise to $54 billion in 2027.
  • The worldwide fragrance market is expected to hit $52.4 billion by 2025.
  • The personal care industry for men is estimated to reach $166 billion by 2022.
  • Top skincare, haircare, and cosmetic brand L’Oréal will retain its position as the leading cosmetic company with revenue worth $30 billion.

Let’s Talk About Some Of The Beauty Trends of 2021

1. Beauty Brands Being Honest & Transparent

Long gone are the days when beauty brands can sell anything and everything to unsuspecting people. People these days love and demand transparency from their favorite brands. That’s part of the reason why the terms “cruelty-free,” “paraben-free,” etc., exist. We, the users, want the industry to be more open and transparent about what they put inside the cosmetics and essential beauty items. We can now read the INCI list to find out the good and the bad ingredients used in a product. So, it’s only logical to ask brands to be transparent to customers. 

And I’d say it’s working because most brands are openly talking about what is being used in the products. They are even keen to launch natural and organic products to satisfy the market demands. Needless to say, the idea is gaining fruition because, according to the reports, the organic and natural beauty product market is likely to rise to $54 billion in 2027. 

2. Minimalistic Makeup Trend

Minimalistic Makeup Trend - trending beauty items - Alphabellahealth

Minimal makeup is in the rage! In fact, it made a huge impact even before the pandemic hit the news. Thanks to K-Beauty, people are more into skincare and minimal makeup. Honestly, it’s a good practice to take care of your skin. We want to wear that glass skin where we don’t need tonnes of makeup to look and feel beautiful. We want to feel confident by keeping our makeup minimal. Who is benefitting majorly? The trending beauty items like serums, sheet masks, essence, etc. Korean beauty taught us the usage and necessity of these items. These not only benefit our skin but give visible results that we love to see. Not only that, these skincare products make the skin glow, which people are loving these days.

3. The Increased Rate Of Facial Care & Surgery 

But does that mean people are hating makeup products? Absolutely not! In fact, they are using makeup products more than before in this pandemic. How? The world is slowly gearing to home office settings, online meetings, video calls, etc. And those who are on regular video conferences will say they look hideous and unpresentable in the videos. Therefore they tend to incline toward makeup accessories to make them look more put together and not like a sleepy bear! Not only that, but some people also claim that doing just a little makeup even when they are at home makes them feel confident and not a slob. 

That’s not all; people are going to skin surgeons and dermatologists more to reduce their skin problems and reconstruct their facial structure to feel more at ease with themselves. These have boosted their confidence, they claim. 

4. Enhanced Hair & Scalp Care

Medicated hair care products are relatively new to the trends but are gaining many thumbs up these days. We have seen the concept of shampoos and hair care products with antibacterial agents to ward off scalp problems. Itchy scalp is caused by the fungus. Therefore, scientists and professionals are creating innovative solutions to stop these bacteria and viruses from doing further damage. Derms and cosmetic scientists believe that this trend will be the next big trend that may compel more people to care for their hair and scalp. 

5. Reducing Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common yet the most disturbing problem for many of us. It can strip our confidence very easily. And to combat that, adding hair extensions, hair replacement surgery, etc., already exists in the market. However, extensions aren’t a permanent solution, and the success of hair replacement surgery is significantly low. And therefore, we will see a boost in PRP treatments. PRP is a Platelet-rich Plasma injection that boosts the scalp and increases hair production. This can prove to be a game-changer!


The skincare, haircare, and makeup industry is ever-growing and continuously changing with time. Seeing how things and trends are, we can say one thing for sure, masses have gotten very smart and educated to understand which trend works for them and which doesn’t. The great thing is dodgy beauty standards; therefore won’t get a shoutout now that the crowd has become brighter. 

Speaking of products, at Alpha Belle Health, we have a collection of all the trusted beauty items you need. From face care to body care and cosmetics, you will find everything under one roof. That’s it for today, hope you have learned about some of the beauty trends of 2021. We will be back with yet another post very soon. Stay happy, healthy & blessed!

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